Cross-platform GIS

SuperMap GIS platform software supports multiple CPUs including x86, ARM, MIPS, Alpha, IBM Power and Itanium. It also can efficiently run on multiple operating systems including Windows, LINUX, UNIX, Android and iOS.

Cloud & Terminal Interation GIS

With a brand-new cloud & terminal integration GIS technical architecture, SuperMap GIS brings powerful cloud server GIS platform software with various GIS application terminals.
Intensive GIS cloud: cloud GIS system is based on the major technologies including efficient cross-platform, 2D & 3D integration, multi-layer intelligent cluster, parallel spatial analysis, etc., realizing intensive use on calculation resources, ensuring the reliability of GIS services.
Various GIS terminals: providing multiple SDK and APP for Desktop, Web and Mobile terminals. Connecting GIS cloud services with unified interface, the terminals are able to realize cross-terminal GIS application development and resources access.

New Generation of 3D GIS

Using the framework of 2D & 3D integration technology, SuperMap GIS combines 3D technologies including oblique photogrammetry, BIM, point cloud, etc., integrating new IT technologies like WebGL, VR, 3D printer, which set the new 3D GIS technical architecture, advancing wider and deeper applications of 3D GIS.   
2D & 3D integration technology realized integration on data model, scene construction, spatial analysis and software form, advancing 3D GIS transforming from Beautiful to Practical;
3D entity model has been added on 2D & 3D integration data model, defining Boolean calculation, spatial relation, spatial analysis, etc., improving 3D GIS theory architecture, advancing 3D GIS for deeper direction.
New 3D GIS combines with 3D technologies like oblique photogrammetry, BIM, point cloud, etc., lowering the data acquisition threshold and cost, improving the data update frequency, effectiveness, advancing 3D GIS transforming from outdoor to indoor, from macro to micro.
In data standardization, SuperMap GIS released Spatial 3D model (S3M), advancing the 3D data standardization and data sharing.
Provides client free 3D based on WebGL technology, supporting IT new technologies like VR, 3D printing, etc., bringing more practical, convenient experience.
New 3D GIS technology realizes 2D & 3D integration, ground & underground integration, indoor & outdoor integration, macro & micro integration, influencing the direction of future GIS.

Big Data GIS

Technology innovation for SuperMap can be found in the entire process of spatial big data. SuperMap GIS fully integrates technologies from big data storage management to spatial analysis and real-time streaming, forming a completely new big data GIS technical architecture.
Realized effective and stable storage management of spatial big data through the extension for distributed file system, distributed database;
Provides spatial big data component (SuperMap iObjects for Spark), extending Spark spatial data model from SuperMap GIS kernel, not only reconstructed spatial analysis algorithms which highly improved spatial analysis efficiency but also developed new spatial analysis algorithms for big data which can run directly on Spark, solving the analysis and application problems of spatial big data;
SuperMap iServer provides brand-new Web services like data catalog, distributed spatial analysis, real-time data, etc., and embeds Spark running library, lowering the threshold of big data environment deployment;
Provides various rich 2D & 3D spatial big data visualization technologies like cluster map, density map, relation map, heat map, etc.;
SuperMap iManager realizes big data maintenance and management through intelligent deploying, mission automatic dispatching, resource monitoring and alarming.

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