SuperMap GIS 7C

SuperMap GIS 7C is a new generation of cloud-terminal integrated platform software. Based on cross-platform, 2D & 3D integration, and cloud-terminal integration technologies, it provides powerful cloud GIS portal, GIS server and GIS service distribution platforms, and rich terminal products including PC, Web, mobile, SDKs, to help clients to build strong cloud and rich terminals, interconnected sharing, safe and stable, reliable and flexible GIS systems.

With SuperMap Cloud services and the cloud GIS platform software iPortal, iServer and iExpress, you can easily build a powerful, cross-platform cloud GIS service application; with a variety of terminal GIS products iObjects, iDesktop, iMobile, iClient, iMapReader, you can construct different cross-platform terminal applications to interact with the service platform. In addition, the 2D & 3D integration technology is embedded in all products, helping to build the more beautiful and useful 3D applications.

GIS Public Cloud Service:
SuperMap GIS public cloud service includes SuperMap Cloud (  and Dituhui  (
-SuperMap Cloud: supports geographical data service(Geo-DaaS), GIS platform service(Geo-PaaS), and industry application service(Geo-SaaS) to provide GIS data, online GIS services and industry solutions, etc. In addition, it provides the online store ( for sharing plug-ins, GIS symbols, maps, etc.

-Dituhui: is an interactive online map application product deployed in SuperMap Cloud. It provides online GIS services for enterprise users, individual users and developers through B2B, B2C, B2D business models; it can easily display the excel data on the map to achieve online thematic mapping; it can make overlay analysis, buffer analysis, data mining based on the professional data for the enterprise users to help in decision management.

GIS Cloud Platform:
-SuperMap iPortal 7C: cloud GIS portal platform, can integrate, manage, collaboratively create, and share a variety of GIS resources, and can provide customized GIS service portal platform to support GIS cloud system.

-SuperMap iServer 7C: cloud GIS server, is an enterprise-level GIS service development platform  based on cross-platform GIS core and cloud computing, used to build SOA applications and private GIS cloud system through SOA geographical information sharing method.

-SuperMap iExpress 7C: cloud GIS distributor, can be used as an intermediate between GIS cloud and terminal, providing complete and consistent GIS services for clients by publishing remote services as a proxy and publishing local cache data. It also can be used to build light-weight SOA B/S applications.

The three platforms uses four strong technologies parallel computing, intelligent cluster, cross-platform, and 64 bit computing to help users realize the core value of cloud computing by saving resources with intensive computation .

GIS Terminal Products:
SuperMap GIS 7C terminal products include: PC, Web, Mobile, which can integrate with cloud GIS platforms and SuperMap Cloud for mapping, business customization, data displaying, data updating, etc.
-Component GIS: SuperMap iObjects Java 7CSuperMap iObjects .NET 7C
GIS application development platforms with full GIS functions, used to build stand-alone GIS system, C/S system, providing Java and .NET APIs.

-Desktop GIS: SuperMap iDesktop 7C
Professional GIS data analysis, processing, and mapping platform, supporting .NET extension for quick industry application customization.

-Map Editor/Viewer: iMapEditor 7CiMapReader 7C
Light-weight map editing and viewing tools, can interact with SuperMap online store.

-Mobile GIS: SuperMap iMobile 7C for iOS/Android
Mobile GIS development platforms with full GIS functions, supporting 2D & 3D integrated displaying, navigating, etc. and supporting iOS and Android systems.

-Light-weight mobile SDK: SuperMap iClient 7C for iOS/Android/Win8
Light-weight, fast development and free mobile GIS SDKs, can interact with SuperMap cloud GIS platform and SuperMap Cloud services, supports offline tile cache, supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 systems.

-Client SDK: SuperMap iClient 7C for JavaScript/Flash/Silverlight, SuperMap iClient 7C for 3D/Flash3D
Covers JavaScript, Flash and Silverlight web development ways, supporting 2D & 3D integration on Web side.


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