Satellite Tracking + Big Data GIS Helps Real-time Vessel Management 5 February, 2018 SuperMap Software Press Releases
Project Background

Satellite vessel tracking big data project is based on vessel location, merging with global coastal and satellite big data information service platform, which aims at improving the safety of vessel and vessel production and can be used for emergency situation as well as daily production dispatching and safety management.

Satellite ground station receives over 2.8 million real-time vessel data, massive vessel data are stored through Oracle cluster. However, there are over millions of vessel location data every day, we cannot store all the data on one sheet. It also will lead to the problems like locking, low read/write efficiency. In addition, massive data of location of vessels cannot be tracked and monitored by visualizing.
Because of those issues, constructing big data vessel monitoring system based on GIS is urgent

Project Objectives

• Visualization and information querying on 2.8 million pieces of data every day.
• 1.6 billion pieces of data in half of year, playback of tractor according to temporal and spatial dimensions. The temporal dimension includes of day and hour. Spatial dimension includes sensitive area and customized area.
• Spatio-temporal big data statistics, counting number of vessels in temporal and spatial dimensions.

Project Construction Process

According to the requirements of users, the project mainly realizes distribution storing and data washing on massive vessel data, and finally realizing spatial location querying and trajectory tracking through GIS.

System Framework

Visualization on Vessel Data

Spatial data engine of SuperMap iObjects 9D SDX+ can import vessel data in csv format into SuperMap iServer DataStore. 2.8 million vessel real-time location can be visualized displayed in small scale through multi-process cache of SuperMap iServer 9D, and history data query in large scale through Elasticsearch with response time less than 1 second.

Vessel Location Visualization in Small Scale

Vessel Location Visualization in Large Scale

Vessel Trajectory Playback in Different Time

Realizing vessel location querying and trajectory playback on history data, also ensuing the quick response on vessel trajectory mapping. Through distributed calculation framework of SuperMap iObjects for Spark, 160 billion vessel data has been diluted and point dataset of last hour of vessel location in every hour has been generated. ElasticSearch ensures the dataset persistence and quick querying, it also provides dynamic simulation of vessel location through time axis.


Vessel Number Statistics 

Vessel Distribution and Number Statistics in Designated Area and Time

Spatial big data platform project based on SuperMap Big Data GIS, solving the problems of storage and visualization of massive data, lowering the cost of data storage and digging; SuperMap iObjects for Spark realizes cleaning on massive history data, filtering history data through attribute and space, improving data quality of data warehouse; SuperMap iServer DataStore realizes distribution storage and effective real-time querying of massive data; SuperMap iClient 9D realizes spatio-temporal visualization, users can straight-forwardly see the vessel location distribution and trajectory through map.


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