Dituhui Starts International Market Expansion 1 February, 2018 SuperMap Software Press Releases

On January 23rd, Dituhui and MapIT signed cooperation agreement. MapIT is the largest map service provider in Malaysia, which provides navigation map, online map, photogrammetry and analysis service for multiple enterprises.

MapIT has over hundred clients in the globe, shown as below

After cooperation with Dituhui, MapIT will provide Malaysian map related services like navigation, address resolution for both parties. Dituhui will provide professional map application capability. Both parties will join hands to bring more map application services for global enterprises.

Leaders of MapIT paid a 2-day visit to Dituhui, Dituhui also customized conference for MapIT. MapIT made comprehensive training on market, product, technology, pre-sales, post-sales for Dituhui.

The cooperation between Dituhui and MapIT is an important step for international market expansion. In the future, Dituhui will keep expanding markets, providing services for various industry in globe.

Dituhui is a subsidiary company of SuperMap Group. Dituhui provides the online mapping and geographic analysis service for public users and online map data and API service for enterprise clients.


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