New Features About SuperMap GIS 9D SP1 15 January, 2018 SuperMap Software Press Releases

Take a few minutes to go through this post, you will find all the new features you want to know about the latest released SuperMap GIS 9D SP1.

You are more than welcome to download the software to have a try yourself, the link is at the bottom of the post.

01. 3D GIS

• 3D Desktop and Component

Optimized skyline analysis function, supporting observer radius setting and sav-ing the 360 degree skyline analytical results as circular two-dimensional line.

New-added model translation function, and undo translation.

• 3D WebGL Client

New-added terrain slope and aspect analysis function, supporting calculation mode, slope range, demonstration style and color band setting.

• 3D Plug-in Client

New-added 3D spatial analytic results exporting, such as, viewshed analysis, skyline analysis, shadow analysis etc.


Closed occlusor model exported from skyline analysis

02 Cloud GIS Platform

• SuperMap iServer

New added buffer analysis, elements linkage, overlay analysis, attributes gathering, topographical check and create grid index etc. in the distributed analysis service;

Stream processing model editor, accelerating the construction and publication of real-time data;

Geometric calculation: area and distance measurement and coordinate transformation etc.

• SuperMap iManager

Improved one-click deployment in GIS big data site, supporting Docker multi-machine resource pooling;

Customization on common platform;

Collecting and viewing GIS node log;

• SuperMap iPortal

Optimized in performance: massive data map, service and data source concurrent ac-cess;

New-added selected layer search in online mapping, supporting upload file in a drag-and-drop manner;

New-added client-side spatial analysis in iDataInsights;

Operation records of both the users and managers are overall covered in the operation log;


Online mapping (selected layer searching)



 iDataInsights (telecommunication base buffer analysis )


03 Mobile GIS

• Optimization and improvements in map display, data collection, map visualization, path navigation and mobile 3D etc.

• New-added data visualization in iMobile for ReactNative module.


Figure 4. data visualization


04 iDesktop Series

• SuperMap iDesktop

Support for OGC object model in MongoDB engine;

Merging function of gap filling up and text dataset;

Generate map sheet and flame in batches on large scales;

New-added 28 color band that composed of at least 8 key colors, optimizing the color random manners in the map;

New-added 3 types of statistical graph: doughnut, bar chart and area graph, optimiz-ing in interactive performance between diagram and map.


 Linkage between diagram and map & attribute table


• SuperMap iDesktop Cross

New-added layer grouping, optimizing the layer setting;

Support for OGC object model in MongoDB engine;

New-added gap filing up;

New-added cut & fill, plane cut & fill, inverse calculating cut & fill and DEM buckling calculation;

New-added projection transformation in batches and coordinate point projection transformation;

Optimisation in CSV importing, VCT exporting and dataset merging;

Whole new Ribbon interface style, supporting skin changing.


 iDesktop Cross Ribbon interface


05 Component Products

Support for OGC model in MongoDB engine;

Import the text of military vector data (GJB), the text size, font, color and transparen-cy can be modified in ‘configuration file’;

Support GDAL Virtual (VRT) data importing;

Profile, boundary rebuilding, and sub-datasets clipping are new-added to embedded datasets;

New-added multi-processing tile results check;

MapBox MVT standard vector tiles can be generated from map;

Attribute statistics supported point vacation interface;

Interpolation interface for point objects array;

Overlay analysis interface for objects array;

The interface for scale value that acquired from routing datasets;

Optimization in grouped fields setting in ‘address matching’.


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