GIS Software Technology Conference (GTC 2017) Successfully Held in Beijing 28 August, 2017 SuperMap Software Press Releases

GIS Software Technology Conference 2017 themed as ‘Geo-intelligence, Driven by Data’’ was held at China National Convention Center, Beijing on 24th-25th, August, 2017. Over 150 presentations, more than 10,000 audiences, experts from various industries, internet companies, governments and institutions participated in the conference and discussed GIS innovation in big data era, over 20,000 audiences watched the live feed.


14 parallel sessions, 150 presentations

On the first day of the conference, multiple experts, scholars and end users in GIS and big data made the presentations, including ‘Prospect of GIS in Big Data Era’ from Chinese academician, ‘Practice in Big Data of Alibaba’ from the big data expert from Alibaba, ‘The Way of Practice Application by Tencent Big Data’ from Tencent big data expert, ‘Using BIM to Present The Tallest Building in China’ from Shanghai Jian Kun Information Technology, ‘GIS Embraces Big Data’ from the president of SuperMap Group, ‘SuperMap GIS International Exploration’ from the executive vice president of SuperMap Group, ‘Construction of Land Cloud based on Multi-tenant Mode’ from the experts of land resources. 

SuperMap GIS 9D Release



14 parallel sessions 

14 parallel sessions were set on the second day of the conference, the international forum invited the partners and end users from Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan to share the GIS market situation and cases. Meanwhile, SuperMap International shared the latest technological developments of SuperMap GIS 9D through 5 presentations. The session drew the attention of massive clients.
In the opening speech, Ms. Du Qing’e, President of SuperMap International stated that SuperMap welcomes all the guests and will put more efforts in the international market, SuperMap invites more partners to build cooperation ecosystem.




The conference also set exhibition area, including SuperMap GIS 9D booth, industrial application booth, international booth, which drew the attention of users, communicating with technicians.



Management Team of SuperMap Group

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