Technical Documents

SuperMap 3D Technology

pdfSuperMap Solution for Oblique Photogrammetry.pdf
pdfPerformance Optimization on Oblique Photogrammetry Models.pdf
pdfSuperMap Solution for BIM
pdfSuperMap 3D GIS with BIM.pdf
pdfFeatures of SuperMap iClient3D for WebGL.pdf
pdf3D GIS Integrated with VR Wearable-More Immersive Virtual Geospace.pdf

Industrial Solutions

SuperMap Land Industries Solution.pdf
SuperMap Smart Real Estate Solution.pdf
SuperMap Statistical GIS Solution.pdf

Technical Articles

pdfSuperMap iServer Deployment on Linux.pdf
pdfOpen Architecture of SuperMap GIS.pdf
pdfGeo-CDN Helps Enhance GIS Service Access Efficiency-SuperMap iExpress.pdf
pdfSuperMap iMobile Platform-What can you do for earthquake relief.pdf
pdfMeteorological Information 3D Display_and Analysis System.pdf
pdfSuperMap Online with DevOps.pdf

SuperMap iDesktop 9D Technical Articles

pdfSuperMap iDesktop 9D Introduction.pdf
pdfSuperMap iDesktop 9D Main Functions.pdf
pdfSuperMap iDesktop Licenses.pdf
pdfMapping Guide.pdf
pdf3D Getting Started Tutorial.pdf
pdfWork Environment Design.pdf
pdfExtension Development.pdf
pdfSuperMap GIS Data Management.pdf
pdfOracle User Guide.pdf
pdfPostgreSQL User Guide.pdf
pdfDB2 User Guide.pdf
pdfExecuting the Registration.pdf
pdfManaging Spatial Indexes.pdf
pdfMulti-thread Parallel Computing.pdf
pdf2D and 3D Cache.pdf
pdfSuperMapXML Resolving.pdf
pdfHow to Make a Complete Map.pdf
pdfHow to Label along Lines.pdf
pdfHow to Vectorize for Raster Data.pdf
pdfHow to make a traffic road thematic map.pdf
pdfSuperMap iDesktop 9D SP1 New Features.pdf

SuperMap iServer 9D Technical Articles

pdf3D service cache mechanism.pdf
pdfCluster mechanism extension.pdf
pdfConfiguration and management.pdf
pdfConfiguring and managing DataStore.pdf
pdfConfiguring and managing GIS services.pdf
pdfData Catalog Service System.pdf
pdfDistributed Analysis Service.pdf
pdfDomain Spatial Service Extension(DSSE).pdf
pdfExtend to use accounts which follow OAuth2 protocol.pdf
pdfExtend to use custormized accounts.pdf
pdfGetting Started with iClient for 3D.pdf
pdfGetting Started with iClient for Android.pdf
pdfGetting Started with iClient for Flash.pdf
pdfGetting Started with iClient for iOS.pdf
pdfGetting Started with iClient for JavaScript 8C.pdf
pdfGetting started with iClient for Leaflet 9D.pdf
pdfHow to browse iPortal maps by iClient for JavaScript 8C API.pdf
pdfHow to browse iPortal maps by iClient for leaflet 9D API.pdf
pdfiServer cache mechanism.pdf
pdfJAX-RS-based extension.pdf
pdfRestlet-based extension.pdf
pdfSuperMap iServer 9D Deploy iServer in Docker.pdf
pdfSuperMap iServer 9D Installing & uninstalling on Linux.pdf
pdfSuperMap iServer 9D Installing & uninstalling on Windows.pdf
pdfSuperMap iServer 9D License Introduction.pdf
pdfSuperMap iServer 9D Using war Package.pdf
pdfThe environment preparation before using iServer built-in Spark.pdf
pdfUsing and building clusters.pdf
pdfUsing Streaming Service.pdf

SuperMap iMobile 9D Technical Articles

pdfBasic operations.pdf
pdfData optimized.pdf
pdfFacilities network analysis.pdf
pdfGL Map Tile Package.pdf
pdfIndoor Navigation.pdf
pdfIndustry navigation data making.pdf
pdfLicense Configuration.pdf
pdfMessage Bus.pdf
pdfNetwork analysis performance optimization.pdf
pdfNetwork Analyst.pdf
pdfProduct Introduction.pdf
pdfService Docking.pdf
pdfThe instructions of offline, online tile data.pdf
pdfTopological Editing.pdf

SuperMap iClient9D for WebGL Technical Articles


SuperMap iPortal 9D Technical Articles

pdfIntegrating an existing account system by using CAS.pdf
pdfIntegrating an existing account system by using LDAP.pdf
pdfThe construction of the custom development environment.pdf
pdfThe process of back-end custom development.pdf
pdfThe process of front-end custom development.pdf

SuperMap iManager 9D Technical Articles

pdfiManager Deployment Guide--Linux.pdf
pdfiManager Deployment Guide--OpenStack.pdf
pdfiManager Deployment Guide--vSphere.pdf
pdfiManager Deployment Guide--Windows.pdf
pdfiManager for bigdata Multi-machine Deployment Guide.pdf
pdfOpenStack Additional Configuration.pdf
pdfRancherOS Installation.pdf
pdfTemplate custom guide base on the base template(vSphere).pdf
pdfTemplate custom guide base on the iserver or iportal template(vSphere).pdf
pdfVirtual Platform Switch.pdf

SuperMap iExpress 9D Technical Articles

pdf2D & 3D integration.pdf
pdfSecurity authentication extension.pdf
pdfDomain Spatial Service Extension(DSSE).pdf
pdfGeographic information service aggregation.pdf
pdfJAX-RS-based extension.pdf
pdfLogin method extension.pdf
pdfRestlet-based extension.pdf

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