Product Packages

Thank you for your interest in SuperMap software products! Please download your desired SuperMap software by clicking on the below download link. After installing the downloaded software into your computer, you can use it freely for 90 days.

Note: SuperMap License Center is included in every package to configure the license file you have applied.

 SuperMap License Center    

 SuperMap License Center 8.1.0



Desktop GIS

 SuperMap iDesktop    
 SuperMap iDesktop 8C x86 (Windows/8.1.0)  340M  Download
 SuperMap iDesktop 8C x32 (Windows/8.1.0)  353M  Download

 SuperMap iDesktop 8C x86 (Windows/8.0.0)



 SuperMap iDesktop 8C x64 (Windows/8.0.0)



 SuperMap iDesktop x86 (Windows/Bin package/8.0.2)  227M  Download
 SuperMap iDesktop x64 (Wiondows/Bin package/8.0.2)  243M  Download

Cloud GIS

 SuperMap iServer    
 SuperMap iServer x64 (Windows/8.1.0)  370M  Download
 SuperMap iServer x86(Windows)  1.9G  Download
 SuperMap iServer x64(Windows)  1.3G  Download
 SuperMap iServer x64(Windows/Bin package/8.0.2)  314M  Download
 SuperMap iServer x64(Linux)  336M  Download
 SuperMap iServer (War)  1.5G  Download
 SuperMap iPortal    
 SuperMap iPortal x86(Windows)  1.4G  Download
 SuperMap iPortal x64(Windows)  1.4G  Download
 SuperMap iPortal x64(Linux)  1.4G  Download
 SuperMap iExpress     

 SuperMap iExpress x86(Windows)



 SuperMap iExpress x64(Windows)



 SuperMap iExpress x64(Linux)



 SuperMap iExpress (All)



 SuperMap iCloudManager    
 SuperMap iCloudManager x64 (Windows)  193M  Download
 SuperMap iCloudManager x64 (Linux)  180M  Download
 SuperMap iCloudManager OpenStack  696M  Download
 SuperMap iCloudManager VMware Sphere  714M  Download


 SuperMap iClient for JavaScript    
 SuperMap iClient 8C for JS 8.0.0  66M  Download
 SuperMap iClient3D 8C(2017)     
 SuperMap iClient3D 8C(2017) for WebGL 8.1.0  21M  Download
 SuperMap iClient3D for Plugin    
 SuperMap iClient3D 8C for Plugin 8.0.0  66M  Download
 SuperMap iObjects .NET    

 SuperMap iObjects .NET 8.0.2



 SuperMap iObjects Java    
 SuperMap iObjects Java (Windows)  2.6G  Download
 SuperMap iObjects Java (Linux_gcc)  2.4G  Download
 SuperMap iMobile    
 SuperMap iMobile (Android) 8.0.2  1.4G  Download



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