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SuperMap iDesktop 9D(2019)

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 1  License Introduction and Configuration   Download

SuperMap iDesktop 9D

 No.  Name  Link   Download
 1  Map Swipe   Download
 2  Mosaic Dataset   Download
 3  Attribute Updating and Diagram   Download
 4  Heat Map   Download
Integrated Solution for Oblique Photogrammetry and GIS Platform
 6 Integrated Solution for BIM Technology and GIS Platform  Download
 7 Overview of Desktop GIS Platform Application  Download
 8 GettingStarted with SuperMap iDesktop  Download
 9 Open Workspace  Download
 10 Check Area of Region Object  Download
 11 Check Attribute Table of Dataset  Download
 12 Compact Datasource  Download
 13 Copy Dataset  Download
 14 Copy Datasource  Download
 15 Create Attribute Fields  Download
 16 Create File Database  Download
 17 Create New Dataset  Download
 18 Create Particle Object  Download
 19 Create Scene & Basic Scene Operations  Download
 20 Delete Attribute Columns of Dataset  Download
 21 Display Multiple Dataset in a Window  Download
 22 Draw PointLineRegionText Object  Download
 23 Dynamic Viewshed Analysis  Download
 24 Enable Snapping  Download
 25 Export Data  Download
 26 Fast Modeling  Download
 27 Flight Video Editing  Download
 28 Flood Analysis  Download
 29 How to Load OSGB  Download
 30 Import CAD  Download
 31 Import DEM  Download
 32 Import Image Dataset  Download
 33 Import shp and excel  Download
 34 Load 2D Data to Scene  Download
 35 Load Cache Data  Download
 36 Modify Attribute Values in Batch  Download
 37 Modify Attribute Values  Download
 38 Open File Datasource  Download
 39 Open Tianditu Map  Download
 40 Open Web Datasource  Download
 41 Rename Dataset  Download
 42 Rename Datasource  Download
 43 Save As Workspace  Download
 44 Set Multiple Layers Editable  Download
 45 Set Texture for Models  Download
 46 Skyline Analysis  Download
 47 Slope and Aspect Analysis  Download
 48 Sun Effects  Download
 49 Viewshed Analysis  Download
 50 Visibility Analysis  Download
 51 Auto-Close Line  Download
 52 Auto-Connect Line  Download

SuperMap iDesktop Cross 9D

 No.  Name  Link   Download
 1 SueprMap iDesktop Cross Introduction  Download
 2  Average Nearest Neighbor   Download
 3  Central Element   Download
 4  Cluster and Outlier Analysis   Download
 5  Collect Events   Download
 6  Directional Distribution   Download
 7  Generate Spatial Weights Matrix   Download
 8  Geographically Weighted Regression Analysis   Download
 9  HighLow Clustering   Download
 10  Hotspot Analysis   Download
 11  Incremental Spatial Autocorrelation   Download
 12  Linear Directional Mean   Download
 13  Mean Center   Download
 14  Median Center   Download
 15  Optimzed Hotspot Analysis   Download
 16  Spatial Autocorrelation   Download
 17  Standard Distance   Download


SuperMap iDesktop 8C

SuperMap iDesktop is an enterprise desktop GIS application and development platform that can efficiently perform various GIS data processing, analysis, 2D & 3D mapping and publishing, etc. The videos below show how to use the 2D & 3D functions of the desktop software, such as data import, thematic maping, map configuration, query, buffer analysis, 3D query, 3D analysis, 3D pipeline, etc.


The video below gives the basic introduction to SuperMap and SuperMap iDesktop 8C

 No.  Name  Link  Download
 1 SuperMap Software Co., Ltd  Download
 2 iDesktop 8C Introduction  Download

2D Module

The videos below demonstrates how to use 2D functionalities in SuperMap iDesktop 8C

 No.  Name  Link  Download
 1 Installation  Download
 2 License Configuration  Download
 3 Import and Export  Download
 4 Query  Download
 5 Symbol  Download
 6 Buffer Analysis  Download
 7 Map Configuration  Download
 8 Geo-referencing  Download
Thematic Map  Download
 10 Vectorization  Download
 11 Semi-auto Tracking Vectorization  Download
Overlay Analysis
Topology Check and Processing
Append Data
Usage of Datasource in Database Format
Network Analysis
Raster Analysis
 20 Extension Development (1)  Download
 21 Extension Development (2)  Download
 22 Image Mosaic  Download
 23 Geo-referencing with New Sample Data (1)  Download
 24 Geo-referencing with New Sample Data (2)  Download
 25 Dynamic Projection  Download
 26 Matrix Label Map  Download
 27 Precise Point Symbol Making Example 1  Download
 28 Precise Point Symbol Making Example 2  Download
 29 Precise Line Symbol Making Example 1  Download

3D Module

The videos below demonstrates how to use 3D functionalities in SuperMap iDesktop 8C

 No.  Name  Link  Download
 1 3D Analysis  Download
 2 3D Flying  Download
 3 3D Loading  Download
 4 3D Particle Effect  Download
 5 3D Query and Measurement  Download
 6 3D Symbols  Download
 7 3D Thematic Map  Download
 8 Loading OSGB Data  Download
 9 Quick Modeling  Download
 10 3D Pipeline  Download
 11 3D Pipelines Construction  Download
 12 BIM Import and Query  Download
 13 Docking between SuperMap GIS and 3DS Max Model  Download

Oblique Photogrammetry Module

 No.  Name  Link  Download

Loading Process for Oblique Photogrammetry Model



Selection of Floor and Unit in Oblique Photogrammetry
Online Publishing of Oblique Photogrammetry Model

Relevant Data in Videos

There are sample data you can find where you installed SuperMap iDesktop 8C, also there are some external data you can find here.

Click here to download the external data used in the videos.

SuperMap iServer 9D

SuperMap iServer 8C is a cloud GIS application server based on highİ\performance GIS
kernel. SuperMap iServer possesses 2D & 3D integrated service publishing, managing
and clustering capabilities and it offers highly extensible and efficient modules
like distributed tiling, intelligent cluster, etc. It also provides rich SDK to
support multiİ\level extension development and employs serviceİ\oriented geospatial
information sharing mechanism.
SuperMap iServer can be used to construct SOA application systems and GIS private
cloud system.

 No.  Name  Link  Download
 0  SuperMap iServer9D Introduction  Download
 1  SuperMap iServer Introduction  Download
 2  2D Map Cache Generation  Download
 3  Quickly Publish 2D Map by iServer  Download
 4  SampleCode of iClient for JavaScript  Download
 5  Samplecode of iClient3D for Plugin  Download
 6  3D Scene Cache Generation and Publishing  Download
 7  SuperMap iClient3D for Plugin Getting Start (New Version)  Download
 8  iClient for JavaScript Getting Started  Download
 9  iClient for JavaScript SQL Query  Download
 10  Multi-Process Tiling  Download
 11  Distribution Tiling  Download
 12  SuperMap iClient 9D for JavaScript Introduction  Download

SuperMap iClient3D for WebGL

 No.  Name  Link   Download
 1  Brief Introduction to SuperMap iClient3D for WebGL   Download
 2  Data and Service Preparation   Download
 3  How to Load 3D Data   Download

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