Case Studies

Meeting our users' needs, following IT developments and cooperating with more than 500 business partners worldwide, SuperMap has been innovating the applications of GIS and application mode. Our GIS platform software has been wildly applied in many large scale GIS projects around the world in various industries and has been continuously creating values for our customers.

Here we showcased some of the typical cases, and if you are willing to share with us your solution or applications based on SuperMap GIS, please feel free to contact us.

> Customer Service GIS for Haier Group
> Sales Management System for Heilongjiang Jiusan Oil & Fat Co., Ltd.
> Japanese large-scale railway GIS based on SuperMap
> Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation Engineering Facility Information System
> PHS Base Station Management GIS
> Jinan Public Map Service Portal - "Transiting the Spring City"
> Urban Management System of Chongwen District, Beijing
> Hangzhou Real Estate Management System
> Gas Pipe network GIS of Tanggu District, Tianjin
> SARS Situation Management and Publishing - For Ministry of Health (MOH), PRC
> State Social Economy Statistics Geographic Information System
> Mauritius Police GIS
> 3D Mine Supervision and Management Information System
> Japan Portable Forestry GIS
> Japan Land Information Cloud Service