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About Service GIS

Service GIS is the component GIS operating on the Internet. From the perspective of server terminal, service GIS is to deploy components as online services, share and reuse the data on the Internet; from the perspective of user, service GIS allows users to develop and integrate as local component.
Service GIS focuses on publishing data and function as service for users to access, which can not only share GIS data, but also share GIS functions. For data sharing, it is not directly operate storage data files or databases, but to access server interface to realize service sharing.
Service GIS is to provide web service after being processed by GIS, its data source can be acquired from Internet, after being processed by the service, the data results can be sent to users through network.
The feature of service GIS is that its data can be acquired from local or Internet or other data services.
SuperMap iServer is the product of service GIS, SuperMap iServer is a cloud GIS application server based on high-performance GIS kernel. SuperMap iServer possesses 2D & 3D integrated service publishing, managing and clustering capabilities and it offers highly extensible and efficient modules like distributed tiling, intelligent cluster, etc. It also provides rich SDK to support multi-level extension development and employs service-oriented geospatial information sharing mechanism. SuperMap iServer can be used to construct SOA application systems and GIS private cloud system.

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