Cross-platform GIS

Development of Cross-platform Technology

GIS platform software technology develops very fast, there are 2 major reasons for that, one is requirement driving, the other is new IT technologies driving. New technologies like cloud computing, IoT, mobile calculation, AI, Big Data, Cloud Computing, etc. have advanced the development of GIS technology.

Cross-platform is a typical requirement for GIS. Cross-platform means cross platforms on hardware and OS. Hardware includes various servers, desktops, mobile devices, etc. OS includes Windows, Linux, Unix and Andriod and iOS systems.

Problems Cross-platform Technology Solved

Supporting cross-platform in GIS platform software allows users freely choosing hardware and OS. There are 3 major problems cross platform has solved.

        1. Common and mainstream servers supported

In cloud calculation and big data areas, most of servers choose better performed and more stable Linux server, whether GIS platform supporting them directly influence the new technologies.

2. Cross OS supported

Supports Windows, Linux, Unix.

3. Various clients supported.

In the online mode, B/S structure allows clients accessing powerful GIS functions on server; in the offline mode, whether GIS software can run on clients (especially on mobile client) is a challenge, in the sea, dessert, forest, there will be such challenges.   


Cross-platform Path of SuperMap GIS

SuperMap GIS 5 and earlier versions are based on SFC kernel, which is based on MFC library of Microsoft and can only run on Windows platform. With requirements of cross platform and development of technology, SuperMap raised cross-platform strategy. In the technology selection, SuperMap chose standard C++, which would cost a lot but has the best performance. Standard C++ has high efficiency among different platforms. SuperMap started cross-platform path, using standard C++ to rewrite GIS core (Universal GIS Core, UGC, based on STL), SuperMap GIS products based on that GIS core. SuperMap GIS also supports some cross platform technologies such as Docker.

SuperMap GIS Cross-platform Architecture


Effects on Different Platforms


SuperMap iDesktop Cross in Ubantu Linux

Wind Electricity Monitoring GIS Running in Linux Developed using SuperMap GIS


List of Cross Platform Supported

SuperMap GIS product can fully support cross platform, which means component, desktop, server support cross platform. In addition, SuperMap GIS is 2D & 3D integrated, in the same software, both 2D and 3D support cross platform.

Supported Operating Systems of SuperMap iDesktop Cross 9D


Supported Operating Systems of SuperMap iObjects Java


Supported Operating Systems of SuperMap iServer Java 9D


Supported Operating Systems of SuperMap iPortal 9D




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