SuperMap Big Data GIS Technologies

Big Data Product Architecture of SuperMap GIS 9D

SuperMap GIS realized effective and stable storage management of spatial big data through the extension for distributed file system, distributed database.

Provides spatial big data component (SuperMap iObjects for Spark), extending Spark spatial data model from SuperMap GIS kernel, not only reconstructed spatial analysis algorithms which highly improved spatial analysis efficiency but also developed new spatial analysis algorithms for big data which can run directly on Spark, solving the analysis and application problems of spatial big data;

SuperMap iServer provides brand-new Web services like data catalog, distributed spatial analysis, real-time data, etc., and embeds Spark running library, lowering the threshold of big data environment deployment;

SuperMap GIS provides various rich 2D & 3D spatial big data visualization technologies like cluster map, density map, relation map, heat map, etc.;

SuperMap iManager realizes big data maintenance and management through intelligent deploying, mission automatic dispatching, resource monitoring and alarming.

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