SuperMap 3D GIS Application in Land Spatial Information Platform

30 Jan,2019

GIS technology provides strong technical support for the basic information platform of land spatial in planning, management, decision-making, service, etc. Based on the management demand of 2D and 3D integration of natural resources, the application of SuperMap new generation of 3D GIS technology in land spatial basic information platform is just in time.

The new technology system extends the 2D and 3D integrated data model, integrates oblique photogrammetry, BIM, laser point cloud data, etc. It promotes the integration of outdoor and indoor, macro and micro, space/surface/underground, and enables the application of 3D GIS in whole space. Meanwhile, SuperMap integrates new IT technology, upgrades the interaction and experience of 3D GIS, implements the full-functional “zero client” products based on WebGL technology and supports AR as well.

3D Planning Simulation Application: New Area Planning

In terms of planning, the platform realizes the flight browsing and querying of 3D planning data, supports local planning adjustment, realizes dynamic filtering according to different heights and daylighting of buildings and can construct planning scheme based on 3D scene.

3D Design Application: Spatial Planning Design

In terms of spatial planning and design, the platform realizes road design based on 3D model. It can generate road, overlap with terrain, calculate mining volume and view the effect of road design through 3D model.

3D Query: Natural Resources/ Real Estate Registration Application

The platform realizes the 3D management of natural resources and real estate information, such as the distribution of specially protected natural resources, the application of real estate registration and the application of urban underground spatial display and query.

With the rapid development of 3D GIS technology, its practicability is becoming stronger and stronger. 2D and 3D integration will become an inevitable trend in the construction of land spatial basic information platform. Now, the 3D+ natural resources management is still in the initial application stage, and the follow-up application needs further development to provide strong support for improving the level of natural resources management.

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