SuperMap iClient3D for WebGL Released

09 May,2016

No plugin, no setup, cross operation system, cross browser, supports abundant image map services, supports oblique photogrammetry model and BIM, this is SuperMap iClient3D for WebGL.

SuperMap iClient3D for WebGL is a set of 3D GIS Web client SDK based on JavaScript and HTML5 WebGL, WebGL technology can fully use graphic hardware acceleration to smoothly display 3D scenes and models, helping users construct no-plugin, cross-browser and cross-operation system 3D scene application.

In order to know better about SuperMap iClient3D for WebGL, here we list a few features of SuperMap iClient3D for WebGL.

1. No plugin, no setup
Comparing with the 3D client with plugin, iClient3D for WebGL achieved 3D application through browser itself, providing friendly development and visiting experience for developers and users.

For the users, they don’t need complicated process of downloading, installing plugin. Entering the address allows them view 3D scenes. Plus, no-plugin setup is better for users to experience safely.

For the developers, there is no need to develop plugin for iClient3D for WebGL, knowing JavaScript allows them construct B/S architecture 3D GIS platform.

2. Cross platform, cross browser
iClient3D for WebGL uses HTML 5 WebGL technology. Using universal 3D mapping technology standard allows it break the limitations of operation systems and browsers, which means iClient3D for WebGL can be used on Window, Linux, Mac, IOS, Android operation systems, and on any browsers supporting WebGL, like IE, Firefox, Chrome,  Edge, Safari.

3. Supports abundant image map services
As an online client product, SuperMap iClient3D for WebGL supports abundant image map services.
? Basemap: Bing Maps, Tianditu, OpenStreetMap, terrain STK.
? Released image terrain services of SuperMap iServer: REST map, 3D image services, 3D terrain services.
? S3M(SuperMap 3D Model)  layer service  of SuperMap iServer’s: Oblique photogrammetry model, BIM model, detailed model.

4. Supports oblique photogrammetry, BIM
Oblique photogrammetry model and BIM become an important model data source. iClient3D for WebGL provides multiple functions for new-type data: supports choosing, attribute query buffer analysis, thematic map making, area flattening of oblique photogrammetry model; supports color setting, visibility controlling, model building construction query by floor/component in BIM.

The video below demonstrates SuperMap iClient3D for WebGL.


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