SuperMap Released SuperMap GIS 6 SP4

06 Dec,2011

SuperMap released SuperMap GIS 6 SP4, aiming at responding the problems sent by users, meeting their needs, and providing better GIS services.

SuperMap Objects is a large-scale component GIS development platform, suitable for various sorts of application systems and professional GIS products development. It provides GIS functions through the ActiveX control, and can be used in object-oriented environment, thus effectively lowering the difficulty of GIS application development and upgrading the development effectiveness.

Each product provides additional GIS functions as you use from Viewer to Express to Deskpro. SuperMap Viewer aims at viewing the map data. SuperMap Express not only includes functions that Viewer has but also offers additional functions of spatial data editing, attribute data editing and image registration. SuperMap Deskpro not only includes functions that Express has but also offers other powerful functions of map editing, attribute data management, analysis, decision making, map layout, 3D modeling, etc.

SuperMap IS .NET is a sort of highly effective as well as stable Web GIS development platform. It adopts the distributed computing technology, allowing the integration of large-scale network application systems with cross-region and cross-network, and providing an effective and extensible development platform for publishing GIS data. Therefore, developers can share the GIS data with each other.

For those new released products, some existing functions have been improved, and new functions have been added.

1. Improvements on Spatial Database Engine
● Improved on the efficiency of Oracle spatial data, especially on unique thematic mapping and label thematic mapping.
● Improved the data access of the DGN engine which enables to read a map by the layer, so that the overlap problem can be avoided.

2. Improvements on Mapping and Displaying
● New support for antialias for layers to improve their displaying effect.
● Improved on the map caching with the GIF format.
● New support for the IMG image plug-in and the IMG pyramid file.
● Solved the problem about the map output under the long-time concurrence.
● New support for setting a fix size in the graph thematic mapping.
● New support for setting the visibility and getting the name and caption of sublayers on the WMS layer according to their index values.
● Improved on the map output performance on multilayers in SuperMap IS .NET.

3. Improvements on Data Conversion and Query
● New support for SIT images with PNG encoding.
● New support for saving as a CAD dataset from a layer, and for exporting to the CAD file from a map.
● Improved on getting the geographic coordinates projection coordinates of IMG images.
● New support for getting the geographic coordinates of the MrSID data.
● Improved on the relate attribute query in SuperMap IS .NET.

4. Improvements on Spatial Analyst
● Improved on setting the flow direction of tracking analysis.
● New support for extracting isoregions according to the point dataset in SuperMap IS .NET.
● New support for extracting isolines according to the specified range in SuperMap IS .NET.
● New support for returning region objects when extracting isoregions in SuperMap IS .NET.
● New support for returning spatial information in finding closest facility in SuperMap IS .NET.
● Improved on setting the barrier edge in the path analysis in SuperMap IS .NET.

5. Improvements on Performance and User Experience
● Allowance to SuperMap Debug Window for testing the refresh time of layers in order to optimize the map performance.
● Reconstruction to the memory scheduling mechanism for the image data displaying. Compared with the previous version, the performance of this version is 10 plus times higher under the original resolution environment.
● New support for creating a pyramid with a given range in a multi-task way, so that the efficiency of the pyramid creation with massive volumes can be improved.
● New support for keeping original tracking information on the AjaxScripts client in SuperMap IS .NET.
● New support for label thematic mapping with the superscript and subscript in SuperMap IS .NET.
● Improved on the compatibility of the third-party client-script libraries in SuperMap IS .NET.
● New support for mobile terminals on the AjaxScripts client in SuperMap IS .NET.
● New support for setting styles of the highlight layer when doing distance measurement and area measurement on the AjaxScripts client in SuperMap IS .NET.

6. Improvements on Map Services
● New support for standard WMTS and WPS in SuperMap IS .NET.
● New support for accessing the MapHandler service in WebLibFormDemo in SuperMap IS .NET.
● Improved on synchronizing the node status of cluster servers in SuperMap IS .NET.
● Improved on the compatibility of the OGC service and the third-party client in SuperMap IS .NET.

7. New support for multi-languages
● New support for Arabian.

From the technology improvement, to the user experience enhancement, to the success in industry application fields, SuperMap GIS 6 fulfills all sorts of needs of users in different industries, and has already played a vital role in the domestic market and is taking a growing role in the international market. With the increase of users, SuperMap GIS series will keep on creating values. Let’s witness the amazing changes!

Now, you can download your free installation package at


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