What Is SuperMap CIM Development Support Platform

25 Aug,2021

City Information Modeling(CIM)is an integration of 3D urban space model and urban dynamic information. The building of CIM is comprised of CIM model and CIM+ application system. SuperMap has proposed a concept of CIM development support platform against the need of attempts at CIM platform upgrading. This platform can support urban planning, construction and management by means of distributed space computing, cloud-native and 3D with unified management of multi-source data.  

SuperMap CIM Development Support Platform has the capabilities of constructing and managing the data resource pool of city-wide space and elements, digital representation, automatic computation of intelligentialized urban indicators. These features are capable of comprehensively supporting building CIM platform and CIM+ application. 

Based on a new generation of 3D digital technology, the platform utilizes micro service architecture, and integrates distributed space computing and cloud-native. It is characterized by the combination of multisource data integration and management, unification of data in different scenes, integrated technologies in applications, management of diversified indicators, business support and all-in-one solutions. It can provide data resource system and sharing services and support cloud resource management and monitoring. 

At the same time, the platform can provide the secondary development with CIM+ application service and customization in urban planning, construction, management and maintenance. It can support the swift development and building of CIM platform and other industrial application platforms and thus simplify the process of platform development and reduce the cost of human and material resources.

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