The 3D Virtual Campus Construction Project

29 Sept,2019

The smart campus is an advanced form of information construction. The 3D virtual campus is the basic platform of the smart campus and an indispensable part of the smart campus construction. Based on the 3D virtual campus, the geospatial information of the campus can be improved through SuperMap 3D GIS platform and Internet of Things technology. It can construct a 3D campus space through 3D real-scene simulation, and integrate systems of campus navigation, school looks, and campus Internet of Things management and others to improve the quality of campus learning, work, life efficiency.

The 3D virtual campus platform system has the following functions:

The panoramic campus displaying can realize the 3D display of important places on the campus, the view of the actual situation of the campus in all directions, and realize the roaming according to the arrow of the scene.

The query and positioning function can identify the location on the electronic map according to the keywords entered by users. Also, the system can automatically generate the shortest path according to the path planning GIS algorithm.

The route inquiry function provides school traffic information inquiry with four kinds of traffic information inquiry for the teachers and students including bus information, public transportation transfer and optimal route.

The campus browsing query function finds the distribution map and detailed information of the management agencies, department settings, scientific research institutions, and various living facilities through the catalogue.

The map editing function includes zooming in, zooming out, panning, dragging, and building information and labeling point information display of the map, and provides an API interface for various GIS application system calls.

Buildings and marked points can be displayed on the map to display different building and labeling points in layers, by clicking on the corresponding building and label points, the bubble effect, and further display the corresponding information can be shown.

To combine path navigation function with the query location function, it can provide path navigation for the location identified on the map. The 3D virtual campus is a 3D and informatized display of the campus. It can stereoscopically present the campus look, and has various functions such as navigation, publicity, information query and management. It is a smart campus construction and an indispensable and powerful assistant for campus information management. Based on the campus GIS application platform, the 3D virtual campus platform system integrates  various applications of campus to help schools to rationally allocate resources and provide convenience for campus teaching, research, management and community life.

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