Petrol Station Digital Management

30 July,2019

1. Overview

The project aims to realize the standardization and modularization of petrol station design and construction through BIM technology. It realizes 3D visualization of elements, scientific analysis, digitalization of indicators and paperless management through GIS technology.. As the result, it can reduce the cost, guarantee the construction time, and create favoured conditions for the efficient management and safe operation of the petrol station.

In addition, through the GIS location information, each petrol station can be located according to the real geographical coordinates. And through different permission settings, the classification and partition management of each station can be realized. At the same time, according to the needs of the owners, the related functions can be customized and deployed in the B/S architecture.

2. The platform structures

Based on the secondary development of SuperMap platform, the petrol station digital service management platform was established. It consists of three parts: the basic support layer, the data storage layer and the platform service layer.

3. The platform features

(1) The application of BIM and GIS technology has covered every stage of the engineering construction projects, and it can be run on the digital management platform.

(2) 2D and 3D data associated management

The platform can browse the location of each petrol station on the 2D Baidu map, and it can jump to the 3D information management platform by clicking the corresponding petrol station

(3) Visual engineering pre-construction

The platform can simulate the layout of station building, 3D pipelines, and the equipment through BIM, and implement the model after optimizing the plan, so as to avoid reworking and make the pipeline equipment installation work more efficiently, as well as securing the quality.

(4) Accurate engineering statistics

As the large number of gas stations, it is important to control the construction investment. By combining the precise quantification function of BIM, the accurate calculation of all involved components and the cost will be improved and the construction investment quota will be controlled reasonably.

(5) High-precision digital analysis simulation

In order to ensure the optimal design plan, digital analysis will be carried out through BIM and GIS technology to assist the owner to optimize plans and make decisions.

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