Webinar "SuperMap, soluciones para la administración inteligente del territorio"

24 July,2020

On 23 July, 2020, Beijing time, from 7 am to 9 am, by joining hands with Universidad Distrital Egresados and Colombian partner Nadir company, SuperMap International America Center held a webinar in Spanish. The theme of the webinar is about BIM+IoT+GIS and CIM , which mainly faces to the students and teachers in Universidad Distrital Egresados.

As the third time for cooperating with Nadir INGENIERÍA S.A.S. and the first start with Universidad Distrital Egresados, SuperMap believes deeper understandings and wider introduction about SuperMap GIS technologies and products will be brought to Columbia.

For your further questions about the reports and SuperMap, please feel free to contact us via email: zhengwentong@supermap.com

To download the reports in PDF, please find below:

Aplicaciones de BIM & GIS, Big Data, Análisis 3D en SuperMap

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