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03 Apr,2020

At 17:00, (UTC+8) on 2nd April, 2020, SuperMap GIS Forum Online went live in Beijing with the theme “Integrating BIM and GIS: Construction Technology of the Future”. The online forum provides a space for SuperMap and its strategic partner Dassault Systems to share technologies, products and typical applications of GIS and BIM.

In the forum, Li Meng, Product Director of R&D Center of Research Institute of SuperMap shared the report of “The Innovation & Application of SuperMap New Generation 3D GIS”, which mainly talked about some systematic innovations of Supermap 3D GIS, as well as applications. Then, Wu Mengyao, Technical Engineer of Product Consulting Department of Research Institute of SuperMap delivered the report of “Infrastructure Lifecycle Management Based on BIM and GIS”. She demonstrated SuperMap BIM + GIS technology, like the entire process from BIM data accessing, BIM data processing and others. To further explore BIM , Kevin ZHU, Technical Director, CC&T Industry of Dassault Systemes Greater China made reports on “3DEXPERIENCE Solution for Infrastructure Lifecycle”, which mainly covers the fields of civil engineering design, virtual construction, simulation and asset management. These three reports has received very positive supports and responses from audiences.


SuperMap would like to express thanks for the participation of audience from total 55 countries, like Thailand, Rwanda, Netherlands, Brazil and etc. Also, for the whole session, we would like to express appreciations for passions and positive feedback from all clients and peers. In the future, we are planning to provide more language and technical supports for audience needs, especially in different regions and areas.

SuperMap hope to work closely with clients and friends in the industry since the COVID-19 took hold, it has been clear that there is a real sense of togetherness in world GIS community. Also, there’s been a need for industry communication and interaction to enhance collaboration in some programs. SuperMap is looking forward to seeing more of you for the next online forum. Please follow us for more information.

Also, for your further ideas and suggestions on forum topic, reports and other information, please feel free to contact us via email:

To review forum reports in forms of PDF and video, please find below:

PDF File of The Innovation & Application of SuperMap New Generation 3D GIS

PDF File of Infrastructure Lifecycle Management Based on BIM and GIS

PDF File of 3DEXPERIENCE Solution for Infrastructure Lifecycle

Video of The Innovation & Application of SuperMap New Generation 3D GIS

Video of Infrastructure Lifecycle Management Based on BIM and GIS

Video of 3DEXPERIENCE Solution for Infrastructure Lifecycle

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