ASEAN Smart City Network 2019: SuperMap Shares Its Solutions

27 Aug,2019

From 22 to 24 August, ASEAN Smart City Network 2019 was successfully held in Bangkok, Thailand. SuperMap conducted a report and participated into the theme discussion in the conference, as well as owned a booth in displaying SuperMap technologies and solutions in the event.

During the event, SuperMap presented the local government and company personnel with the cases and experience of SuperMap in using GIS technology to upgrade the smart city system. In the afternoon of 23 Aug, Bill Li, the regional Technical Support Engineer of SuperMap International made a report entitled "Life Circle of Designing and Managing of the City". The report focuses on the usage of big data GIS, cloud edge GIS, 3D GIS and other technologies in smart city, and how can they integrate a variety of urban data sources, and establish a complete smart city system that covers the urban design, construction, maintenance and other aspects in providing government and citizens with convenience.

Also, in the theme discussion, Bill Li and Dr. Non, Smart City Department, had a conversation on how can GIS serve the construction and the information security of smart city. In the course, Bill Li described the platforms and solutions of SuperMap in using GIS technology to support China's smart city construction, and the achievements made by SuperMap in cooperating with major cloud platform manufacturers to ensure the security of user data.

The smart cities construction in ASEAN member countries is developed rapidly and vigorously. In the future, SuperMap will continue to promote advanced GIS technologies in contributing in the smart city systems and the construction of smart city for ASEAN.

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