Q: Where are the log files placed, when starting SuperMap iPortal via Windows service in Java Web container, like Tomcat?

A: When starting SuperMap iPortal via Windows service, in Tomcat for instance, iserver-log4j.properties in [ SuperMap iPortal installation directory]\webapps\iportal\WEB-INF specifies the log's location. Open the file, find "log4j.appender.F.File = .. /logs/iserver.log", which means the logs folder located in the upper directory of the service startup file (cmd.exe), that is, the log file path is: C:\Windows\logs\.

In addition, the user can modify the log4j.properties file above, for example change to a absolute path: log4j.appender.F.File = D:/Tomcat/logs/iserver.log.

20 Sept,2019
Tags: iPortal

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