BIM+GIS+AI, A New Way for the Planning&Construction of the Power Grid in Xiong'an!

13 Oct,2022


The BIM Management Platform for Power Grid Planning and Construction in Xiong'an (hereinafter referred to as the "platform") is a digital power grid planning and management platform that comprehensively uses BIM, GIS, big data and other information technologies. The platform is based on the SpringBoot architecture, combined with PostgreSql 10.6 and SuperMap BIM+GIS+AI technologies. It has the characteristics of a wide bearing range, strong extension capability, and good visualization performance. It is constructed by PowerChina Shanghai Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd.

01 Background

The goal of the platform is to build a bridge between the power grid and the city. The platform takes urban interaction, precise planning, intelligent review and business linkage as its main functions, with system management, process engine, and authority control as auxiliary functions. Taking Xiong'an Business Center as a pilot, the platform has built a complete “station-line-transformer-household” digital twin power grid. At the same time, the power grid and multiple data sources in the city directly integrate data, with particular emphasis on the framework of the underlying platform. 

City scenes display

02 Technical architecture

Based on grid and city integration data, the platform conducts power grid planning and management, and promotes the unification of power grid planning and urban planning in the district. The platform architecture system is based on the SpringBoot architecture with front-end and back-end separation, combined with PostgreSql 10.6 and SuperMap GIS 10i data and GIS engine to form a BIM+GIS+AI system architecture, which has the characteristics of wide bearing range, strong extension capability, and good visualization performance.

03 The performance of the architecture

A reliable architecture can exhibit better performance. As the future work platform of the planning center of the power supply company in Xiong'an, the platform be able to integrate the grid planning model and the urban planning model on the grid BIM platform to create a “one map” of the urban model, and at the same time, combine load forecasting, substation layout, planning pipelines and other power grid planning information and urban planning information. Therefore, the platform has high requirements for real-time interaction between model data and traditional information data queries.

According to the test by the third-party software evaluation institution, for the technical architecture adopted in the system, when the data volume is 2TB, the response time of the model data storage and the reading system is less than 3 seconds, and the average service interaction delay is not more than 1 second.


Power equipment model and information interaction query

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